Discover the latest breakthrough innovation in the airsoft community. Enjoy this film featuring Ding Chavez and Nicola Bandini.

The already much talked about 007 "Spectre" new James Bond double barrel appears in the hands of Dave Bautista, alias Mr. Hinx in the movie, chasing Daniel Craig throughout the movie.

No better replica could become an instant legend in the hands of "the Animal", placing neat double holes in James Bond’s cars racing around in the movie.

But with Hollywood it’s still a long story to write, as the whole line of Double Barrel pistols are currently starring in various future box office hits, to be released in 2016 and 2017….just wait and see!

Technical specs, price.

The Arsenal Firearms Group of Companies was created when the two creators met on an exhibition show floor. Shortly after that day, Nicola Bandini (with his 30 years experience as a gun writer and designer) and Dimitry Streshinskiy  (armed with his 30 years of gun  knowledge and passion for collector piece) merged their skills to create their vision and add their innovative minds to the gun industry.

The Arsenal Firearms Group was officially launched in 2011 with fully licensed products in various part of the world. . Their hard work and passion paid off in March of 2012 when they launched their line of products.

The first pre-orders items are scheduled to be available end of November in Europe and end of December in the USA. They will be shipped to your the airsoft Cybergun partner shop of your choice where you will be able to pay for it.

Orders are limited to one replica per-customer, not opened to shops, to ensure everyone that is signed up has the opportunity to order until  the initial public launch. 

The replica is delivered in the regular real DUELLER PRISMATIC case and carries the real grips, to let you feel the power of high realism.